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Our Products

At our core, we specialize in crafting precision-designed packaging solutions that ensure the safety of delicate items throughout their shipping journey. Our expertise spans various materials including corrugated, chipboard, corrugated partitions, honeycomb, foam end caps, and molded pulp. These diverse resources empower us to create tailor-made containers for the Industrial, Medical, and Food sectors. As ardent proponents of sustainability, we're proud to present eco-friendly alternatives for every packaging requirement.

In conjunction with our protective packaging offerings, we've established a strategic partnership with a leading foam manufacturer. Their capabilities encompass a wide spectrum, from waterjet cutting and die-cutting to precision sheeting of foam to millimeter-level thickness. Furthermore, they excel in the high-speed fabrication of polyurethane, polyethylene, and cross-linked polyethylene foams. This synergy allows us to extend our commitment to safeguarding your goods with foam packaging solutions that guarantee impeccable protection during shipping, particularly for sensitive equipment and instruments.

Our dedication to sustainable and environmentally-conscious practices is embodied in every step of our process. From our green packaging solutions to our focus on creating packaging that's both environmentally acceptable and of the highest quality, we are here to fulfill your packaging needs while minimizing our ecological footprint. When it comes to packaging for electronics, delicate instruments, and other valuable items, rest assured that our comprehensive range of solutions has you covered with the utmost care and protection.

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Products that we represent

  • Foam products for protective packaging, filtration, medical, and aircraft applications

  • Molded pulp products to replace plastics where applicable.  We design, prototype, and produce molded pulp products around the globe.  We manufacture commercial, dry press, and wet pressed (thermoformed) molded pulp products in various cellulose materials.

  • We are a plastic bag distributor having access to all sizes and types of bags.  Please contact us 203-859-2417 for a quote, tell us the bag size, quantity per box, and the number of boxes required.  Large orders include free shipping.

    Get in touch with us; our prices are unbeatable! Call 203-859-2417

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