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Conversion of Non-Recyclable EPS End Caps to Environmentally Friendly Packaging Material

In an innovative endeavor, we transformed the production process of electronic product end caps. The initial method involved crafting EPS foam end caps using a chemically activated two-part foam system molded around a wooden form. Unfortunately, this technique proved sluggish, operating at merely four cycles per hour and incurring substantial costs.



Recognizing the inherent drawbacks of two-part expandable EPS foam

—chiefly's non-recyclable nature—we embarked on a solution-driven path. The foam supplier's inability to meet customer shipping demands accentuated the need for change. Consequently, we devised a strategic plan that addressed production inefficiencies and environmental concerns.


We created end caps using recyclable polyethylene (PE) foam that was easily cut with a high-speed press. This allowed us to meet production demands, save costs, and reduce environmental impact. Our clients benefited from a 30% reduction in unit costs for protective foam end caps, which provided significant financial relief.


Furthermore, these PE foam end caps exhibited heightened protective capabilities compared to their two-part EPS counterparts. Their enhanced ability to withstand drop damage presented an additional advantage, ensuring better product preservation.

Mitigating Costs through Strategic Solutions: Reduction of Expensive Overnight Shipments for Missing Parts

We collaborated with our one of our customers, to address the challenge of exorbitant costs associated with overnight shipments for missing parts. Employing a systematic approach, we were able to significantly curtail expenses related to urgent shipping requirements, thereby contributing to cost efficiency and streamlined operations.

Elevating Product Presentation: Retail Package Design for Fine Fixtures.

Through a collaborative effort with a customer, an importer of kitchenware, we undertook a thoughtful redesign of their retail packaging. By strategically enhancing the presentation of their products, we effectively improved their visual appeal on store shelves, fostering increased customer engagement and sales.



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