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About us

With over four decades of dedicated manufacturing expertise in Mechanical and Chemical Engineering, AGS Co stands as a customer-first service company that thrives on innovation and problem-solving. We're not just a packaging provider; we're your go-to experts for all your protective packaging needs.

Foam Packaging Excellence for Equipment and Instruments

At AGS Co, we understand the critical importance of preserving your valuable equipment and instruments during shipping. Our specialized foam packaging solutions have been designed to perfection, providing the ultimate protection your items deserve. From delicate photographic equipment and electronics to medical devices and glass products, our foam packaging ensures that every item arrives at its destination intact and ready for use.

Sustainable and Environmentally Responsible Packaging

We believe in the power of green packaging solutions. Our commitment to sustainable practices is evident in our range of environmentally friendly packaging options. From green earth packaging to packaging materials that meet the highest standards of environmental acceptability, AGS Co leads the way in providing packaging that's good for both your products and the planet.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

AGS Co takes pride in offering custom-tailored solutions to meet your specific packaging requirements. Whether it's luxury brand packaging, fragrance protection, firearm cases, laptop or tablet packaging, or corner foam for delicate items like picture frames, we've got you covered. Our custom cut foam and case foam solutions guarantee that your items fit snugly, receiving the utmost protection at every turn.

Uncompromising Quality for Diverse Industries

From medical equipment packaging to lighting protection, agricultural packaging, and beyond, AGS Co caters to a wide array of industries. Our foam gaskets, filters, and reticulated foam solutions ensure that even the most intricate components are kept safe from damage. With our expertise, you can ship your products with confidence, knowing they're enveloped in unparalleled foam protection.

Join Hands with AGS Co

We're not just protective packaging providers; we're your partners in delivering excellence. With a passion for solving process problems and a commitment to swift service, AGS Co is the name you can trust for all your foam packaging needs. Whether it's foam for product protection, specialized camera and photographic equipment packaging, or comprehensive solutions for laptops, tablets, and beyond, AGS Co delivers innovative solutions that redefine packaging standards.

Experience the AGS Co difference today – where protection, innovation, and customer satisfaction converge in every package we craft. Using our packaging will protect fragile products in FEDEX shipping, UPS shipping, and other shipping methods. 

We love to solve process problems and are expeditious.  Whether you have damaged parts from shipping, or need custom-manufactured foam parts for industrial, medical, or filtration applications.
WE CAN HELP!!! Call 203-859-2417 Let's show you how.


Welcome to AGS Co
Your Trusted Partner in Exceptional Protective Packaging Solutions

Please take a moment to watch my video, where I delve into our cutting-edge product offerings. In this informative discussion, I provide valuable insights into the new additions to our range and how they can benefit your business.

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