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We specialize in the design and production of packaging products to protect sensitive goods throughout the shipping cycle. We employ corrugated, chipboard, corrugated partitions, honeycomb, foam end caps, and molded pulp to produce containers for the Industrial, Medical, and Food industries. We offer a Green Solution for every packaging need!


To complement our protective packaging products, AGS’s capabilities include waterjet cutting, die cutting, sheeting foam to within millimeters in thickness, and high-speed fabricating of polyurethane, polyethylene, and cross-linked polyethylene foams.


We recognize the critical role packaging plays in ensuring your valuable devices reach their destination in pristine condition. Our ingenious designs provide unparalleled protection against any potential damage that can occur during transit. Whether it's the specialized packaging for iPads or comprehensive solutions for Luxury brand packaging, we're committed to preserving your products' integrity throughout the shipping journey. Explore our range of meticulously engineered environmental packaging options to protect your products during shipping, and experience the ultimate assurance that your goods will arrive unscathed, while making a lasting impression on your clientele.  


Learn More About Custom Foam Case Inserts

Foam protection

Urethane foam is an open cell product that comes to our factory in large blocks called buns.  These buns range in size and are normally 108” x 48” x 33”.  When we make protective packaging or case inserts, we must first cut the buns in to sheets, this process is called skiving.  Once the buns are cut into sheets, we can either die cut or water jet cut the urethane foam into shapes.  These shapes then can be fabricated together to form end caps, trays, case inserts, filters, and medical parts.


Polyethylene foam (PE) is a closed cell product that comes from the mill in sheet form called planks.  Planks range in thickness from 0.5” to several inches thick and the length and widths run approximately 108” x 48”.  PE is also available in a cross-linked version which is a thermoset foam where the cell structures are cross-linked together making this product extraordinarily strong and durable.  Cross-linked PE has no spaces between the cells making this a perfect waterproof material. PE planks can also be skived like the urethane foams.  Polyethylene planks can also be die cut and waterjet cut into shapes to form end caps, trays, case inserts, and medical parts.

A G S Co.  Converts the following foams:

Polyethylene; Polyurethane (ester; and ether ); Cross-links Polyethylene.

The services we provide are:

Sheeting to very precise thicknesses; Die-cutting; water jet cutting; laminating with adhesive and heat welding; custom case inserts; custom package design; protective packaging design; Kiss cutting; agricultural packaging; contract manufacturing; foam end and top cap.

Join Hands with AGS Co

We're not just protective packaging providers; we're your partners in delivering excellence. With a passion for solving process problems and a commitment to swift service, AGS Co is the name you can trust for all your foam packaging needs. Whether it's foam for product protection, specialized camera and photographic equipment packaging, or comprehensive solutions for laptops, tablets, and beyond, AGS Co delivers innovative solutions that redefine packaging standards.

Molded Pulp Products

Environmentally acceptable packaging

Molded pulp products are made from cellulose-based fibers such as wood, corrugated paper, bamboo, bagasse, and eucalyptus.

 Molded pulp products are sustainable, biodegradable and can be compostable. These qualities make molded pulp products environmentally friendly and can be recycled multiple times. Molded pulp products can be produced several ways, conventional molding to produce egg cartons, dry pressed to form packaging products having consistent lot to lot dimensions, and thermoformed to produce food products, such as bowls and trays.  Thermoformed molded pulp products also include medical trays, clamshells for instrument transportation, and wash basins.

Green earth packaging with AGS Co
Foam End Caps

Foam end caps are designed to suspend a product within a carton or container to “float” the product in that container.  By floating the product in the container, the product will rebound in a drop and not be damaged if designed properly.  


AGS designs end caps using the manufacturer’s cushioning curves for each foam application.   This photo is a typical end cap design.

Custom cut foam for cases
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